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High level of fire protection.

Fire Solution, a company with more than 15 years of experience focused on high-risk fire-fighting systems, realized that it needed to reposition the brand and reformulate all its communication, in line with the new moment of growth in new markets.


After a deep immersion in the segment, gathering information and understanding the behavior of players and decision makers, ZigZag developed the brand planning that led to the new positioning, translated into a brand signature and a complete visual redesign.


To reinforce this change, we created a new logo - more modern, authentic and universal. In addition, we reformulated the entire visual identity of the company, from internal signage to helmets, uniforms, business cards and digital platforms, with a new website and deployment for social networks.


Looking for a high level of fire protection, call the Fire Solution.

Now, if you need high-level communication for your business, call ZigZag Propaganda.

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