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Personal Financial Evolution.

From this brand signature, based on strategic planning, ZigZag created the name, logo, visual identity, stationery, website and campaign with films for social networks.


The brand icon was suggestive of the name, AtiVC, which recalls activating, energy, fuse. Thus, a ray that ends in a growth arrow became the symbol of the brand, permeating all communication.

Name creation: AtiVC. Move around, stay connected, be fit. That is the concept of that name. Every dream, every goal that we want to achieve needs to be achieved. No one is going anywhere. For this reason, the name is an invitation for the client to awaken all his capacity. At the same time, the name has an emphasis on the customization that the service will offer to each customer. It's YOU in the spotlight.

Meet AtiVC and achieve financial growth for your life.

Get to know ZigZag and strengthen your business brand.


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