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A well-planned brand only brings benefits.

Trust, modernity and competence are some of the values that can be built through a correct positioning and an adequate design.

Ferrarezi Benefits' new communication was marked by assuming its role as a manager, and not just a simple broker.

The challenge was to develop a visual identity that would convey this change in the company's positioning, preserving the tradition built over 20 years and adding the new look of a solution manager.

Thus, we created a new communication thinking that reflects the main differentials of the company: more incentive for the employee and more tranquility for the entrepreneur is more benefits for everyone.


From the conception of a new logo and brand signature to the new visual identity, we redesigned all the company's communication materials, including the office, complete stationery, digital media and website.

With the personality, modernity and concept acquired, we generate differentiation and add value to the brand, which in addition to being much more in benefits, is now much more in communication.

Do you want to experience the benefits of a well-established communication and aligned with your company's business strategy? Talk to us:

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